Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Meet our wedding party! We are so excited to walk down the aisle with this special group of people alongside our family on November 4, 2023.

Dr. Barbara Kellar


Dr. K was Tram’s professor at the University of the Sciences. Fun fact: she was one of the first people to hear about Shawn.

Laura Tran

Maid of Honor (Life Edition)

Laura is Tram's middle sister. Fun fact: she always has the last word in an intense discussion.

Alex Lee

Best Man

Alex is Shawn’s friend he met in college and his best man. Fun fact: He is studying to get his MBA!

Katie Tran

Junior Bridesmaid

Katie is Tram's baby sister. Fun fact: they are 16 years apart and she hand makes jewelry!

Mason Dang

Junior Groomsman

Mason is Shawn’s nephew. Fun fact: he is the oldest child of the next generation, just like his dad, Binh!

Dr. Chiamaka Akumuo

Maid of Honor (College Edition)

Chia is Tram's first friend at the University of the Sciences. Fun fact: she was the first person to meet Shawn.

Miles Williams


Miles is Shawn’s friend from high school. Fun fact: Miles works at the Philadelphia Zoo, the location of Tram and Shawn’s first date

Pauline Digianivittorio

Maid of Honor (High School Edition)

She is Tram's best friend from high school. Fun fact: she is working towards her PhD in Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Sciences!

Jorge Rivera


Jorge is one of Shawn’s friend from college. Fun fact: he deeply invests in anything related to cars and space!

Dr. Lalitha Sukumar


Lalitha is Tram's friend from the University of the Sciences. Fun fact: she is the first person Tram calls for help when it comes to medicine.

Joe Notarfrancesco


Joe is Shawn’s friends from college and 1/3 of the #CancerSquad where they designed cancer drugs. Fun fact: He and Tram were in the same graduating class at USciences #2019.

Dr. Nicole Kim


Nicole is Tram's friend from the University of the Sciences. Fun fact: she always tried to jump scare Tram when they were housemates.

Joey Butera


Joey is one of Shawn’s friend from college and the other 1/3 of the #CancerSquad. Fun fact: He might be Ariana Grande’s cousin.

Dr. Jenny Tang


Jenny is Tram's friend from the University of the Sciences. Fun fact: everyone thinks she and Tram are secretly twins.

Margot Pikula

Flower Girl

Margot is the daughter of one of Shawn’s friend. Fun fact: She used to have pink hair!

Katherine Tran

Flower Girl

Katherine has known Tram since she was a baby. Fun fact: Kat is Katie’s best friend and is over Tram’s house almost every weekend.

Greyson Lam

Ring Bearer

Greyson is Shawn's nephew. He will be 4 years old by the wedding day. Fun fact: not only is he the ring bearer, he was also recently promoted to big brother.

Ahmed Jr. Sesay

Ring Bearer

AJ is Tram and Shawn’s godson. He will be 2 years old by the wedding. Fun fact: he has mastered running so his godparents can get married…quicker.

Crystal Trinh

Banner Girl

Crystal is Tram’s baby cousin and is currently in nursing school. Fun fact: she gets red when she’s scared of someone *ahem, her Chi Tram*

Jolie Tran

Banner Girl

Jolie has captured the hearts of the bride and groom….I mean look at her! She even shares the same birth month and zodiac year with her Co Tram! Fun fact: she can identify and mimic the sounds of many animals.