Ms. Tralynn & Dr. James



Dr. James Rodgers


Ms. Tralynn Lockhart

August 25, 2023

Philadelphia, PA

How We Met

Friendship turned to love...

In 2003, we were frequent passersby as freshmen on campus at the University of Maryland College Park. We saw each often at student organization meetings and campus events. Once we realized we had mutual friends, we became friendly with one another. It wasn't until Junior year that we finally became good friends. Orgo (Organic Chemistry) was the bridge that united us. On the first day of Orgo lab, it was a no-brainer that we'd be lab partners since we were already friends. While this partnership didn't create chemistry (lol), over the next two years, our friendship grew and we became close. Surprisingly, James’ departure to Atlanta for pharmacy school solidified their friendship even more, leading to trips both to Atlanta and the DMV. It wasn't until 15 years (after meeting) that we decided to evolve our friendship into a romantic relationship. And the rest is history...

The Proposal

Rosé All Day!

On June 11, 2022, my life would change forever. That was the day I asked Tralynn Faith Lockhart to marry me, and she said yes! That day I was full of nerves and excitement. It was the day of the Célébrez en Rosé event at the National Harbor and we had planned to spend the day with friends and family enjoying the event. I had a plan to propose before the event started, because Tralynn really wanted an intimate proposal just between us. Knowing this, I planned to pull her away an hour or so before the event started to do the proposal and celebrate afterwards. We were all set to meet at the Gaylord Hotel prior to the event in order to relax, get settled and kick the day off there before the real party began. Little did Tralynn know my secret plan to propose. The plan was to pull her away from the group so we could take pictures of our own before the event. I told her I wanted to take pictures in front of the ballroom at the hotel. She was hesitant to go because she didn’t understand why that particular location was so important to me. Well, that’s because my friends generously gifted me a photographer who would secretly catch the special moment at that particular location. As we made our way to the ballroom walking up the escalator, my heart was racing. We stopped and she asked a hotel employee to take a photo (which was not part of the plan) and she noticed my heart was jumping outside my chest. I convinced her to move to a better location where I could see the photographer. She was confused, but obliged. There was even more confusion once I dropped down to one knee and began confessing my love and asked for her hand in marriage. After the shock and confusion subsided, she said YES! My heart was relieved and we both were happy beyond measure. She had no Idea this was coming. It was exactly what she wanted, an intimate moment between us that we were able to share with family and friends afterward. Célébrez en Rosé turned out to be a celebration of our love and we will never forget that day.

For all the days along the way
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