Megan & Ryan


Wedding Party

Meet our family and friends who are walking down the aisle with us.

Jeff Stone

Father of the Groom

Will fall asleep with the tv on and will somehow know you changed the channel in an instant.

Katy Philbrick

Mother of the Groom

If sunflowers could be a spirit animal that's what she would be.

Scott Tolan

Father of the Bride

Will make a mixed drink if you bring Titos.

Cheryl Tolan

Mother of the Bride

Screamed into Megan's ear on the phone after hearing about the proposal.

Scott Compton

Best Man

The man that helped Ryan pass biology.

Lauren Tolan

Maid of Honor

Need a cute bandana for your furry friend? Check out her collection!

Riley Stone

Best Brother

Thinking about investing? Look no further. Consult this man today.

Kerri Andracsek


Usually yelling at Justin

Dustin McCurdy


This man will go above and beyond to help a friend or family member out! He may also smoke you in Fortnite.

Kayla McCurdy


Most likely has the screaming baby

Josh Riddle


This man will get hammered at night and run 5 miles the next morning. Talk about a beast of an athlete.

Jessica Niyork


Megan and Jess have been best friends since freshman year of college. They sat next to each other, shared a pink pen, and the rest was history.

Jocelyn Herrera


Ever wondered what certain medical terms mean? Happy to introduce our favorite doctor.



Megan and Taylor are lake girls for life! Met in high school playing soccer, spent every summer together at the lake, and have been friends for over 11 years.


Flower Girl

She’ll be the other pretty girl in the white dress.


Ring Bearer

The handsomest little fellow to take the biggest pieces of the ceremony down the aisle.