Megan & Ryan


We're Getting Married!


Ryan Stone


Megan Tolan


July 22, 2023

Columbia, IL

How We Met

Megan and Ryan met through their mutual friend Josh. After a couple of weeks of talking over the phone, Megan invited Ryan down to her family's lake campsite for 4th of July weekend. Ryan came down and they hit it off immediately. The rest is history!

The Proposal

Ryan and Megan took a trip to visit family in Colorado. Ryan had pushed that the family needed to go on a hike to St. Mary's Glacier. Once we arrived, huffing and puffing from the altitude, we started to take pictures like any tourist would. Ryan's mom, Katy, suggested we take a picture in front of a large rock. Suddenly, Ryan turned to Megan and attempted to say the speech he had been working on. As to be expected, the nerves took over, and nothing wanted to come out. While Ryan was attempting to gather the right words, Megan said, "Is this happening?!" Ryan said, "Yes". Tears came to Megan's eyes as Ryan got down on one knee and said "Will you marry me?" Megan squeaked out a, "Uh huh!"

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