Kerry Baker


Tiffany Peterson




June 10

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FB Dating…who knew!!

We met on FB dating, neither of us knew that was actually a thing. Kerry had seen me on Bumble and tried to respond to my Verification request but his phone camera was busted and would only take foggy pics and Bumble wouldn’t accept it. However, I showed up on his FB dating page so it ended up being ok! 😁 Funny thing though he had actually decided to delete his FB shortly before we started talking when a friend said Dude, you have to get back on it you never give up! So Kerry reopened his FB and there I was he decided to respond at that point, and we hit it off! We had so many things in common it was almost scary. One of us would say something and the other would reply with, me too!! It was definitely a God thing, God was who brought us together!! He knew what he was doing! 🥰 Fast forward 6 months later….Kerry told me that we had a V-Day dance to go to on Saturday the 18th of February. He said we needed to get all dressed up. So I bought a sparkly dress and nice shoes for the dance. He was able to also get us tickets to see SIX the show. I was excited about that but thought that’s a lot to do in one day but it should be exciting, doing things with Kerry is always exciting! So we got all dressed up and went to see SIX, it was so good!! After the show we got into the car to head to the dance, we were driving past the Sculpture park in Des Moines when I saw my parents on the sidewalk reading a sculpture sign. At that point I just knew what was coming! My heart flew into my throat and I got a big grin on my face and got super excited. I said to Kerry that’s my parents and he played it off and was like, where?! I pointed to them and he said should we go say Hi? I said yeah we probably should 😆. So we got out and walked over to them, we caught their attention and they were like what’re you guys doing down here? I played along and was like oh we went to see SIX. It was really good! My Dad was then like you guys look really nice we should get your picture over by this sculpture. It “just so happened to be” the LOVE sculpture. Convenient right?! Lol! So we had them take some pics and then Kerry grabbed my hands and told me some very sweet things and then got down on one knee and proposed!! I of course said Yes!! And well the rest is history!! Oh and the dance wasn’t actually a thing he just needed an excuse to get me to dress up. So sneaky!! We later went to dinner at Flemings steakhouse to celebrate, it was so good!! The perfect ending to a perfect day!! ❤️