Laurel & Thomas






March 2, 2024

Wilmington, DE
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Our First Date

November 06, 2021

We met like a lot of people do today, online dating. It was during the heart of Covid-19, and people were still cautious about going out. Well that didn't stop us one bit. With a lot of pushing on my side she agreed to our first date. We ended up having dinner in Chadds Ford, Pa at a restaurant called Antica. It was a great date with many laughs, and we haven't looked back yet.

The Proposal

December 31, 2022

First off lets go back a couple weeks, when I asked her parents for permission. Reached out to her mom and dad asking if we could sit down and talk. We picked a date and i headed over after work. I sit down at the table with her parents across from me, I'm very nervous and I don't know why. The first words out of their mouths were "how much do you need to borrow," lol. Well that took away all the tension in the room. I asked for their blessing, they said yes and hugs happened between me and them. The plan was to propose Christmas morning, the ring was being overnighted which already made me nervous. Of course a snow storm hit in many spots across the south, ring is delayed. It finally shows up day after Christmas. Now the new plan, keep her parents in the loop on the plan, we decided to throw a NYE party at the house. The theme was karaoke. which was a blast. Everyone was killing it, passing the mic and no one skipped a beat. My turn, had the song picked out days in advance. I wont lie I did some practicing, lol. The song I chose was Big, Big Plans by Chris Lane. I felt like I nailed it. The song was spot on with my plans and worked out great. She said YES! Her parents, my mom, our siblings and cousins got to witness it. It is a special day we will never forget.