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Cameron Tucker


Abby Dickens

October 27, 2023

Leonard, TX

How We Met

Austin, TX

Abby and Cameron met in Austin back in 2018 when she was bartending at the sports bar across the street from his downtown apartment. The first night they met, she invited him and Tevin (groomsman) to hang out with her and her coworkers. They spent the night at a dueling piano bar on 6th street and really hit it off. Cameron and Abby quickly became good friends and started hanging out frequently. Often times you could catch Cameron at the sports bar visiting her, but only for as long as he could bare watching his football teams play in a public setting. She didn't know it then, but that's how Cameron knew he really liked her. They made tons of great memories riding electric scooters, falling down on said scooters, taking Harper to Zilker Park, eating incredible food, and listening to live music. At some point during all of that, their friendship turned into more than just a friendship and the rest is pretty much history!

The Proposal

April 4, 2022

At the beginning of 2022, Cameron had promised Abby they would go ring shopping after he was done teaching his chess classes in the summer. She anxiously waited for that time to come, the only other thing they had planned before they could go looking was a trip to go see her parents out in Knoxville, Tennessee. Allegedly, Abby's dad had planned a day hike up to a spot in the mountains that Cameron and Abby had wanted to go to the year prior. Its a luxury lodge at the top of the North Carolina mountains called The Swag and they have a lunch they offer to the public if you make reservations. So the plan was to hike to the top, take in the view, eat some good food, and then hike back down. They got up early that morning to make it to the trailhead, but did not realize that there was snow in the forecast once you got to the base of the mountain. It snowed huge flakes that stuck to everything and it did not slow up the entire day. It was unexpected weather for that time of year, but they all packed clothes that were warm enough and decided to make the 7 mile uphill trek anyways. Eventually they made it to a scenic spot next to the lodge where they stopped for pictures and that is when Cameron got down on one knee and asked Abby to be his wife. She was so surprised she just said, "Are you kidding me?!?!" But as soon as she saw her mom and both of Cameron's parents that had flown all the way out from Texas to be there, she knew it wasn't a joke and finally gave him a "YES".

What We Are Doing Now

From City to the Country

In January of 2021, Cameron and Abby made the decision to leave Austin for a small town about 45 miles east of Waco. It's called Mexia (meh-hay-ya). After spending a lot of time out there during COVID fishing, hunting, and hanging out on Cameron's family's land, it was made clear how much he loved being out in the country. Cameron and Abby started talking about what it might be like living in a small town, raising kids, building a house, having chickens, sheep, a garden, and a greenhouse. The more they talked the more excited they got about building a future together and making their dreams come true. It only took a few months until they bought some chickens, left their Austin apartment, and moved into an old rent house off the highway (in that order). They have acquired rabbits, chickens, a goose named Poncho, their hunting dog Rogue, and many sheep. In addition to running their little homestead, Abby works full time as an ultrasound technologist in Waco; Cameron primarily works remotely for a tech company, although he does have several other side jobs including being a chess instructor.

For all the days along the way
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