Tom & Katlyn

Join us for our Baja wedding

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Thomas Roby


Katlyn Schwaebe


Primo Tapia


March 31

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The Schroby Story

Katlyn and Roby’s story started out as most modern romances do - on a pub crawl. In November 2016 Roby’s former roommate, Erica, invited Katlyn along and introduced her to someone that she thought would be a perfect match. Katlyn totally dismissed that choice and found herself talking to Roby all night. It ended in a kiss. After sobering up Katlyn self assuredly asked Roby out on a date and they went to 1st Street Bar in Encinitas. They have been inseparable ever since. Roby quickly discovered Katlyn was not only full of adventurous ideas, she intended to drag him around the world for 6 months. Luckily as much as she is the dreamer, Roby is assuredly the executor. They explored Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand only to return to the pandemic. Together, they worked as a team to navigate back into the real world and have never wavered on the love that keeps it all moving. Roby saw Katlyn's uncanny ability to channel the universe and knew he could not make it without her. Considering Roby is a man of few words, he chose an advantageous scenario to pose the question: in a loud helicopter over the Nā Pali Coast in Kauai. Wearing headphones, he reached over, ring in hand, and tapped her on the shoulder. Having no idea what he was trying to say, Katlyn turned around and discovered the open jewelry box. She burst into tears. The pilot was worried and asked her what was wrong. When he realized it was a proposal he exclaimed “That’s a fat rock brudda!” They are the perfect compliment to each other. He is an amazing listener and frankly she does not stop talking. He aggressively attempts hikes on his own and she understands that water is pretty important so you don’t end up in the ER. She continually keeps him on his toes and entertains while he is the most willing partner. She is always right and so is he - yeah it doesn’t make any logical sense. Which brings us to our shared point in their story. We will celebrate their commitment in Mexico at Casa Playa Baja, a hotel that has become dear to them. It will be an amazing weekend filled with love, laughter and adventure. We hope you can join us.