The Beaumont Wedding

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We're Getting Married!


Chris Hieb


Josh Pacheco




September 13

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The Beaumont Dynasty

Why the New Surname?

After getting engaged our first debate was about who's surname to take once married. Neither of us wanted to take the other's last name or use any combination of the two; the idea of 'Pacheco-Hieb' makes small children cry. After many, many discussions, a decision was made: to symbolize starting our lives together, a new family surname was needed. Chris wanted something regal, something old money, but not too 'left field.' Josh likes his current last name so would only replace it with something better, more regal but not too old world. This was a harder process than first thought; plenty of ridiculous suggestions were made... mostly by Josh, before a decision was reached. Beaumont, literal translation 'Beautiful Mountain' which is appropriate for the Colorado native in Chris (also his nice butt) and the region in France the Beaumont nobility is from invented potato dauphinois (gratin) which is one of the first things Josh made for Chris when they started dating. Of course, neither of those things were actually taken into consideration at the time they chose the name, it is just happy coincidence.

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