Adam & Madison


We're getting married!

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Adam DeRiso


Madison Smith

Long Beach Island

New Jersey

May 18

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How We Met

It all started in Bermuda...

Adam and Madison both went to James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA and were in Greek Life (ZTA & Pi Kappa Alpha). Though they had lots of mutual friends in college, they never met. Cut to 8 years later, Madison’s best friend Lauren Durfee and Adam’s best friend Sal Corso set their wedding date for October 2021 in Bermuda and asked Adam and Madison to be in their wedding parties. Madison asked Lauren if there would be any single guys at the wedding, so Lauren showed Madison a picture of Adam and told her what a great guy he is. Although Adam was living in Arlington, VA and Madison was living at the Jersey Shore in Atlantic Highlands, Madison was immediately interested! Lauren changed her seating chart so that Adam and Madison would be sitting next to each other at the wedding. Once the wedding weekend came, Adam almost didn’t make it! As he was flying to Bermuda, his flight to his layover in Charlotte got delayed. Once he finally landed, his flight to Bermuda (and last chance to get there in time for the wedding as it was the last Bermuda flight of the day) was due to take off. Thankfully he had an amazing friend, Joe Nardolillo, waiting for him on that plane and convinced the flight attendants that they couldn’t leave without the “officiant” for the wedding. After sprinting through the airport, Adam made the flight! Finally, Adam arrived at The Loren at Pink Beach where Madison was waiting to meet him. Unaware of the set up, when Adam was first introduced to Madison, he asked her if she was “Madisonanaan” - trying to pronounce her Instagram handle (msmadisonanne). As they all chatted with their friends at the pool, Madison referenced a quote from Parks and Recreation “right to jail,” to which Adam quickly responded “right away", a quote that has now become a regular phrase in Adam & Madison’s relationship. At the Welcome Party, Adam and Madison talked about the usual getting to know you topics and as the night went on, they jokingly referred to each other as ‘husband’ and ‘wife’, not realizing the foreshadowing that would be! On the day of the wedding, Adam and Madison spent hours getting to know one another (thanks to sitting next to each other!), dancing the night away with their friends, and taking shots of Cafe Patron. Sad to head home after an incredible weekend, they headed back to the airport together as their first flight back to the States was the same. Fate stepped in once again and despite a full flight, there was one seat left open on the plane - right next to Madison. She waved for Adam to move seats, and they spent the entire plane ride lip syncing to country songs. Once Madison got home and told her parents about the trip, she quickly found out that where she and Adam had met was the same spot her parents honeymooned almost 40 years prior! It was meant to be from the start and after many car rides between VA & NJ, Adam asked Madison to be his girlfriend on December 19, 2021 and 5 months later, Madison moved in with Adam in Virginia on May 29, 2022. 6 months after that, on December 9, 2022, Adam proposed on the waterfront of Old Town Alexandria (the place they first went when Madison visited for the first time) and surprised Madison with close friends and family to celebrate!

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