Roy & Halle

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We're getting married!

Halle Crane


Roy Aharonovich

July 20, 2024

Long Branch, New Jersey
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A short video that captures some of our favorite things- the ocean, sandy toes, salty air, our handsome Reef and most importantly our love for one another.

Our Love Story

Roy and I met in University. We were international students from different countries who made the life changing decision to attend school in the United States, looking to obtain our undergraduate degree and play ice hockey for our school. I was entering my sophomore year at Neumann University and it’s a tradition that during the first week of school each year, both the mens and womens ice hockey teams go to a local bar in town to catch up with old teammates as well as meet the new incoming freshman. Roy was one of those freshman having delayed entry to university in order to play junior hockey for a couple years. We met, talked (A LOT), danced and laughed until our stomachs hurt. We ended the night wondering when we would see each other again. Over the next few weeks we would run into one another around campus and the ice hockey rink before Roy finally asked for my number. As we got to know each other we would spend time talking, hiking, attending each others ice hockey games, working out at CrossFit together and partying at the hockey houses around campus. On October 1st 2017, Roy asked me to go to New York City on a date. I was equally excited as I was nervous. He had the entire day planned, including a picnic in Central Park where he asked me to be his girlfriend. Since then, our relationship has grown in every way possible and so has our love for one another. Since graduating with our bachelors degrees, we moved in with one another in the city of Philadelphia, both started full time jobs in our field of study; Roy formed a real estate development company & I am a registered nurse on a Trauma Stepdown Unit. Best of all, we added a furry 4 legged bundle of joy to our lives, also known as Reef, our 2 year old goldendoodle. On February 26th, as we watched the sunset over the ocean in Cape May New Jersey, Roy asked me to be his wife. We are so excited to spend forever together. The amount of love that we share for one another is indescribable and for that we are extremely blessed. On July 20th, 2024 we look forward to sharing our love with friends and family as we start our married life together.

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