Tess & Spencer

Till Death Do Us Party


Tess Pifer


Spencer O'Keefe

October 13, 2023

Denver, CO
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The Details

On September, 30th we will be having a private ceremony with family. Now this is where you come in... Friday, October 13th, we are having a night to celebrate with the friends who have been around to see our love grow.

How It Started

Hot Beef to Mr. and Mrs. O'Keefe

It was July of 2018 and Tess shot Spencer a Superlike. It didn't take long before we were at Black Sky Brewery for our first date, enjoying Hot Beef Injections and eventually finding our way to a dance floor with house music. Since that first date we have experienced a lot together like concerts, delicious meals, holidays and new cities. On July 16th, 2022 Spencer planned a day at the Zilker Botanic Gardens in Austin because he had a very important question. Of course, Tess said yes! While our approach to a wedding may not be traditional, we still want to have special moments with both family and friends.