Audrey & Elijah







June 17, 2023

Muncie, IN
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How We Met…

It was Calculus, but they had Chemistry…

Starting in 2015, Audrey started at a new school, unsure of what Yorktown High School might bring. Who knew it would bring her and her future husband together. It was junior year, and Audrey happened to sit next to the cute, blonde boy in class. While the teacher was incredibly strict and disliked talking in class, Elijah and Audrey were routinely the loudest, most talkative students. Really, they couldn’t help it. Elijah made Audrey laugh constantly, and Audrey caught Elijah staring at her constantly, too. Eventually they started dating and are now planning their forevers together. Through college, their relationship went through the ups and downs that strengthen any bond between two individuals. As they grew into young adults, their differences became reasons to stick together as the balance that holds life together became clear. Elijah being a finance guy and Audrey being a designer, the mix of logic, reasoning, and creativity come together. They started out as high school sweethearts, not sure of where life would take them. Through faith, they walked together. Now, they will walk down the aisle together, joined in matrimony.