Rio & Edward

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Wedding Party

Meet our friends and family who are helping us celebrate our big day!

Stephanie Solner

Matron of Honor

Stephanie and Rio have been best friends since the 3rd grade. Through thick and thin, years of softball, school, and being overall goofballs, Stephanie and Rio have always been there for each other and by each others sides! Rio can't wait to have Stephanie be her Matron of Honor and celebrating her day!

Dan Durling

Best Man

Eddie and Dan have been friends since the 3rd grade and have acted like brothers ever since. Eddie actually lived with Dan for 6 months in junior high. They have grown up together, gone through college together, and have always bonded through sports and bad Game of Thrones memes. Eddie couldn't be more honored to have Dan by his side on the big day.

Jessica Mikszewicz

Maid of Honor

Jessica and Rio met while teaching at Triple R Child Care. They were actually split up because they "talked too much" and didn't focus on work...(and who believes that, right?). Jessica and Rio have been inseparable ever since! From crafting on the weekends to traveling across the country to Disney World, nothing can separate the power duo.

Dominic Sblendorio


Eddie and Gimli have been friends since their first days at Range USA. Dom actually hated Eddie, but he quickly came to his senses after getting to know him. They both have bonded over their enthusiasm of firearms and are always up to play a good game of CoD.

Shannon Tracey


Rio and Shannon actually met on Instagram with the help of Disney Magic! Rio and Shannon laugh because they feel like they are the same person, just a foot height difference between the two. Shannon and Rio bond over Disney, TikTok sounds, and just being overall very goofy without a care in the world! Rio is so excited to have Shannon stand by her side on her special day.

Nathaniel Martinez


Eddie and Nate met while working at the ever so popular Range USA. Eddie can always count on Nate to join in on a night out, or even eat the rest of the meal that they didn't want to package up into to-go boxes! Eddie is so excited to have Nate celebrate this day with us!

Meghan Curry


"Meggles" and Rio have been friends since Rio was in Anatomy and Physiology class at Joliet Junior College. They both went through the struggles of trying to become a nurse (LOL) and go through JJC's medical program. Though they both decided to go other ways, that didn't deter their friendship. They have always been up for a coffee/lunch date or to wander around any store that has a good sale. Rio is so excited to have Meghan stand by her side while she marries her best friend!

Greg Jones


Greg and Eddie met as co-workers at Range USA and very quickly became friends as the bad jokes and love of guns were their bonding force. Eddie and Greg are always laughing and have terrible puns. Eddie can't wait to have Greg supporting him through this!

Paige Miller


Rio and Paige met while Eddie was working at Shoot Point Blank in Naperville. Rio came in to bring Eddie lunch, but it was WAY too busy for him to take a break, so Eddie suggested that Rio and Paige talk until he can get some time to step away... Eddie never was able to step away... Rio and Paige bonded over Animal Crossing and how we can customize our Islands. They have been friends ever since!

Clay Jacobs


Eddie and Clay met at the Naperville store at Range USA. Clay was actually a regular with his girlfriend Paige! Eddie and Clay quickly became friends as they realized they had so much in common like, bourbon, cigars, firearms, and video games.

Lauren Mitchell


Lauren and Rio met back in their early childhood through Rio's neighbors Jim and Monica. Once Lauren got over the fact that Rio's name is indeed not OREO, they became close friends! Through softball, and our crazy boy band phase (still relevant), they stayed close! Rio can't wait to have Lauren stand by her on the best day ever!

Conor Pagni


Eddie and Pagni met in the early days at Range USA. They thoroughly enjoyed making smart-ass comments to each other and getting on each other's nerves. Eddie is excited to finally have a soon-to-be lawyer friend to have on retainer and also to stand by his side on the big day!

Devi Pappas


Devi has known Rio since she was born...Partially because Devi is Rio's Sister! Though they didn't always get along, Rio and Devi love to craft, try new things, binge watch reality TV, and are always down to shop for a good deal! Rio is so happy to have her sister stand by her side on her wedding day.

Kadin Rusenovich


Kadin is the brother of the bride. Eddie has watched Kadin grow up over the 7 years Rio & Eddie have dated. Eddie and Kadin have bonded over cigars, SOMETIMES sports, building computers, and all things Star Wars. Eddie is honored to have Kadin support us on the big day.

Sara Swatkowski


Sara is the sister of the Groom! Rio and Sara have hit it off from the beginning. They love playing card games, trips to the farm, and laughing at everyone's expense! Rio is so excited to have Sara stand by her side and support her and Eddie in this special day.

Blake Hubbard


Blake and Eddie have been friends since Range USA was just simply Point Blank. Eddie and B2 have enjoyed laughing with their entire bodies, being part of gun clubs, and cheering each other on in all of life's events!

Savannah Stover

Flower Girl

Savannah is MOH Jessica's daughter and is the Goddaughter of Rio! Savannah is full of personality and Rio couldn't wait to include her in the special day!

Andrew Stover

Ring Bearer

Andrew is MOH Jessica's son! Rio and Eddie have always called him their nephew and have loved him since they met him! Rio and Eddie couldn't think of anyone else to ask to be their ring bearer and to help them celebrate their special day.

Brian Femali


Brian is the older brother Rio and Eddie never had...And in some bars, the Father of Eddie (depends on who you ask). Brian has always been by Rio and Eddie's side and supported them through life's biggest events. We can always count on Brian to be down for a drink and a fun night out at the local watering hole! We are so honored to have Brian be our Officiant!