The Swansons

The moment we've all been waiting for!

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Tyler Swanson


Alexa Tangredi



June 23

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The Road So Far

Our Story - Est. 2013

Alexa, a high school sophomore on the girl's swim team, dating Tyler, a senior managing the team, caused a lot of commotion on the pool deck. Her coach (and parents) were not too happy that the up-and-coming swimmer was chatting it up with the pool boy in the shallow end, but over time it became clear that the two were inseparable. They were falling in love. Alexa was impressed by Tyler's ability to hold his own during her family's very competitive game nights. Tyler was just happy to be invited over. The duo soon discovered that they make an excellent team for completing escape rooms as well. Over time they have successfully escaped nearly a dozen rooms together. They proceeded to attend the same college, adopt three wonderful cats, and buy their first home together. A typical date night for Alexa and Tyler involves tasty food and drinks, whether that means going out to a restaurant or enjoying a delicious meal prepared by chef Tyler. The couple has made it their goal to try all 40+ restaurants in the downtown Middletown area. Now, after nearly a decade, Alexa and Tyler are getting married and they are excited to share this long-awaited day with you!