June 12, 2021
Aspen, Colorado

Kimberly & Julio


We're Getting Married!

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Julio Sterling


Kimberly Torres




June 12


How We Met

First Comes High Fives, Then Comes Marriage

We Met At Norberto's (Best Man) Townhome. At First We Thought Nothing of Each Other and Probably Still Wouldn't if Julio Didn't Get Intrigued By A Simple High Five Exchanged Between Us When I Was Leaving The Condo. I'm Not Sure What Intrigued Him. Don't Think I Will Ever Understand Why. After Several Attempts of Trying to Get Me to Go on a Date With Him, I Finally Gave In and Said Yes. His Persistence Worked Out Because Now I Have A Ring on My Finger! Thankful That He Was.

The Proposal

December 10th, 2017

We Were on Vacation in Denver, CO and Decided To Go To Denver's Botanic Gardens. We Spent a Few Hours There And Julio Kept Telling Me That He Had a Present For Me In His Backpack. Right Before We Left The Gardens, He Told Me He Wanted to Find A Nice Place To Give Me The Present. He Made Me Stand At The Entrance of The Mansion, Located In The Gardens, Facing Away From Him. Once In Place, He Told Me To Turn Around But I Was Reluctant To. When I Did, He Was On His Knee, Presenting me With A Beautiful Ring and Asked Me To Marry Him.