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Hayden Simon


Abigail Miller


August 13, 2023

Waterfront Venue - Tacoma, WA
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Our Story

God's timing is so good.

Our story is one that reinforces this simple fact. In 2019, during Hayden's senior year and my freshman year of college, we both happened to be at the same YoungLife event on campus. However, we did not meet. Hayden claims he noticed me, though who knows if that is true or just a cute story ;) , but we did not speak to each other that night. If we did, this story would have been much more simple, but it would not have shown God's timing so well. Rather than meeting that night, I somehow found him on Instagram, thought he was cute, and followed him. He added me on Snapchat and we talked for a little while. I thought he was great. I mean he loved Jesus, Beauty and the Beast, and was cute, what could be better? However, he lived in Chicago with the hopes of eventually moving back to work for a Seattle sport's team. Covid of course did not make this dream easy, as there were no sporting events going on. Eventually, our conversations ended because the time difference and distance in between made it feel pointless. Throughout this time of not talking though, we still communicated based off of what the other person posted. Birthday messages, comments on stories, and discussions of favorite music still occurred throughout the years. Throughout this time we both grew as people and grew closer to God. These years allowed for personal growth that we may not have even known we needed. Fast forward to 2022 and Hayden finally moved back to the best state in the United States. On his first day of his new job (Go Sounders!), he posted on his story and of course I immediately swiped up and asked him if he had moved back. Thankfully, he had. Now, why was this timing so amazing? Well, I had just finished the craziest year of my education. I had been student teaching, working, and taking night classes. During this time just the thought of dating anyone seemed nearly impossible. Hayden had spent the last couple of years living with his parents, working hard, and saving up for his future. The Sounders posted the job, and Hayden of course got it. Perfect timing for both of us. On our first date we went to lunch and to an arcade where I (of course) kicked his butt in every game. The rest is history. I could write a million reasons why the timing of how God brought me my person is perfect, but I will save that for our vows. ;) All I can say for sure though, is that I am not just lucky, I am blessed. 🤍Abby