Alexandra & Jacob


Pack your bags, we're getting married in Mexico!

Watercolor Highlight

Alexandra Sienerth


Jacob Montefiori

November 3, 2023

Cancun, Mexico

How we met

The year was 2014...

Jacob and I met during our junior year of high school. We met through mutual friends and family (thank you, Annie). While he was initially interested in another one of our friends, the sparks didn't fly. I remember one night when we all ended up at the pool at our yacht club, Jacob went for a late-night dip. While he was in the pool, I told my friend that if she wasn't going to go for it, I was. She gave me the OK and I asked him to the homecoming dance (see below for our very first picture together). We had a great time at the dance and the rest is, well, the reason we are all here. In the past nine years together we have traveled, made memories, laughed a lot, became a part of each other's families, purchased our first home, got our puppy, and created the happiest life for ourselves. On July 7, 2022 - right before our housewarming party, Jacob got down on one knee at the end of Lincoln Avenue overlooking Lake Erie. I was absolutely shocked, still holding my white claw. He pulled off the most amazing and thoughtful surprise because we were able to celebrate with friends and family for the rest of the night. We are so excited to start this new chapter of our lives on the beach in Mexico relaxing and making even more memories!