Sharon & Daniel



Sharon Fong


Daniel Hansen

October 20, 2023

Derby, CT

A version of historical events

Despite going to the same middle and high school, and living a few streets away from each other, their friendship started in college after Sharon won a chess bet against Dan and convinced him to start playing league of legends with her. Many gifted skins and long gaming nights later, they started dating their junior year of college. But they both had a lot of growing up to do and ended up splitting up a year later. Fast forward 5 years with no contact, in the height of COVID, they were both single again and Sharon casually sent Dan a happy birthday message that sparked never-ending conversations from then on. Following a year in the height of COVID, full of online gaming, daily convos, outdoor dates in all kinds of weather, and Sharon finishing up grad school, they started dating in the spring of 2021. Almost immediately they started ring shopping, house hunting, and venue tours, confident in their future together. They continue to love playing all kinds of games together (currently the One Piece TCG), dabbling in sports with their friends (disc golf, pickleball & ultimate frisbee to name a few), watching a variety of shows (ie. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Indian matchmaking...), and exploring new places and foods all around the world. And two years later they are excited to officially tie the knot and celebrate with all of their favourite people!

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