Shantel & Oluwatobi

Watercolor Highlight

Oluwatobi Salam


Shantel Hayden

June 11, 2023

El Reno, OK
121 days121 d20 hours20 h36 minutes36 min13 seconds13 s

How We Met


Shantel and Tobi actually met on "Hinge, the app meant to be deleted." They hung out as friends for about 2 months. At first they hung out about once a week and then eventually it turned into hanging out almost every day. The two became inseparable, and eventually, Tobi fell in love and mustered up the confidence to ask Shantel to be his girlfriend, and the rest was history.

The Proposal


The morning of the proposal Tobi told Shantel he had something planned for them when she got off work. Once Shantel got off work Tobi took her to a restaurant she said she had wanted to try awhile back. After dinner the two walked around Chisolm Creek. Tobi asked a stranger to take a couple pictures of the two. After some pictures, Tobi said "can you take one more?" and then Tobi got down on one knee. Tobi was so nervous he didn't even say anything he just held out the ring. Shantel ecstatically said yes. In the car ride home Tobi gave Shantel the speech he meant to give while he was down on one knee. Tobi also had a surprise party waiting for Shantel when they got home. The two celebrated the engagement with their closest friends.