October 10, 2020
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Scott & Mellissa

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Mellissa Hershberger


Scott Millard


Heather Hershberger


Heather, Mellissa's sister, was the only one present when the Bride and Groom got engaged. It seemed fitting that she does the honor of making it official.

Keri Keasal

Matron of Honor

Keri, Mellissa's sister, was and will always be her first friend, her person to distract Grandma to help steal cookies out of the jar, and sound advise giver. She wouldn't want anyone else to be by her side.

Kris Hershberger

Man of Honor

Kris, Mellissa's "little" brother, is now taller than her. However, she is excited to share this day with him. She felt it was important to stand up with the first man she had to learn to live with AND the last man she will make compromises on how to fold laundry for.

Neel Shah

Best Man

Neel, Scott's best friend, has been there through thick and thin... even when he needs to take a vacation to San Diego and doesn't want to go solo. He is his confidant, his sounding board, and his beer buddy.

Christina Savoie


Christina, a long time friend of Scott's, initially met and became workout and running buddies that planned to run their first marathon together, they have ran hundreds of miles together. Nowadays they often reminisce about running marathons while living their busy lives but still make time to catch up with each other.

Brody Hershberger

Ring Bearer

Brody, Mellissa's nephew, is going to show how responsible he is with balancing... or so he tells her.

Mary Wyrick

Flower Girl

Mary, Scott's niece, is extremely excited to get a new dress to celebrate the special day! She will practice tossing flowers in anticipation...

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