Sandra & Frank's Fairytale Wedding

    Our Fairytale Wedding

Welcome Friends and Family!

Frank B. Rodriguez Jr.


Sandra C. Perez

September 23, 2023

North Hollywood, CA, Pasadena, CA

How Our Fairytale Began


Our story began through a Disney Lovers fan page on Facebook. Through multiple conversations, we discovered a similar like for Disney and food. Frank had mentioned of an upcoming event at Disneyland called Dapper Day, a day where everyone gets all dressed in their “Sunday Best” and enjoy an evening in the parks. It was there that we would meet for the first time. We agreed to meet in front of the Mickey planter at the entrance of the park and we ended up spending the next few hours getting to know each other. By the nights end, we both felt a connection that couldn’t be explained. We were already holding hands!

How Frank Proposed

December 5, 2017

Christmas at the parks is our most favorite time of the year and we had been wanting to experience Walt Disney World at Christmastime but had not been able to do it. So when the opportunity came, we didn’t wait! This was going to be a special trip with it being my first time and Sandra had been there once before with her sister-in-law Denise, so I wanted to make our trip even more special…with a proposal! We wanted some of our friends and family to come and share our adventures. We invited Denise, along with Sandra’s best friends Adriana and Ely to come along with us. We met up with Adriana and Ely a few weeks prior to our trip for lunch. Sandra stepped away to the ladies room and that was when I announced to them of my intention of proposing. They were extremely excited and were “all in” with helping to make it possible. We kept in contact for the next few weeks about where and when I wanted to propose…Only Denise didn’t know what was going to happen because I wanted to keep that as a surprise to her as well. Sandra & Denise are very close and tell each other practically everything lol. Fast forward to December, Ely arrived a day later than the rest of us, so we spent the first two days at Epcot and Hollywood Studios, saving Magic Kingdom for Days 3 and 4. Our first day at Magic Kingdom coincided with it being Walt Disney’s Birthday so it made our day even more special. We started our day with reservations at the Beauty and the Beast inspired restaurant called Be our Guest. Once we finished our meal, Sandra got up to use the ladies room. With Adriana and Ely present, I went into the backpack and took out the ring to show Denise and told her that I was proposing to Sandra at the castle. She was so happy and was in tears. I gave each one of them an assignment, one to notify the photopass person of the pending proposal, the other to shoot a video, and the other to hold my phone with my friend Alana on the other end so she can witness it as it happened. The time has come! We arrive to Cinderella’s Castle! The girls all stepped away into their positions, which left Sandra and I to ourselves. I looked into her eyes and tell her that we finally made it to our dream destination, and what I said after that I couldn’t tell you because I was already a nervous wreck and was letting my emotions run wild. Sandie was asking if I was alright, slightly confused with my rambling and I said yes, Ely had swiftly come by and passed me the ring box while she was shooting video. I got down to one knee and asked her to marry me while crying up a storm. The picture below says it all! Oh, she said YES!!

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