Samantha & Tom


Leaves and LightsLeaves and Lights

Samantha Hubbard


Tom Cunningham

September 23, 2023

Gruene, Texas

Our Story

We begin in July 2018 when Sam was travelling back from Saudi Arabia through London Heathrow Airport and Tom's location was close enough to pair them. They matched through online dating and began talking every day. They had their first date via FaceTime, when Tom asked Sam out to lunch (Texas time)/dinner (London time) and asked what type of restaurant to go to. They bonded over their love of curry and talked even after the "date" ended. Tom decided it was time to make a move with a grandiose romantic gesture. In September 2018 Sam had committed to teaching Math in Zambia for three months and had a long nine-hour layover at Heathrow. Tom booked the latest back-to-back flight he could to none other than Paris so that they could meet for the first time in person. He offered to get her into the British Airways lounges so that she could have a shower, relax, have some food and they could talk. Needless to say the date went really well! Sam decided to change her layover on the way back to Texas to have a four-day stop in London. They visited museums, ate great food and had lots of laughs! Over the next year Tom flew up to Aberdeen as well as Texas to visit with Sam while she travelled and then eventually began working again. In 2020, COVID hit. The next eleven months were the hardest that they had to go through. Many FaceTime calls came and went and questions lingered about when they would see each other again. But Tom reassured Sam time and time again “don't worry, it'll all work out!". Finally, Tom was able to fly to Mexico for fifteen days in order to legally enter the U.S. to see Sam for a little over a month. They have been travelling back and forth ever since! Tom proposed to Sam on July 24th, 2022, at the Sky Garden in London after a nice meal and with beautiful views of the city! They can't wait to see you and have you celebrate their special day with them on September 23rd, 2023!

For all the days along the way
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