April 10, 2021
Abilene, TX

Samantha & K.C.


cactus detail

K.C. Peebles


Samantha Morrow



April 10


Symphonies, Campaign Meetings, and Denim Jackets

Love in the time of political campaigns and pandemics

If you ask KC, they met at Vagabond Pizza. If you ask Samantha, they didn't really meet until an event benefitting the Abilene Philharmonic. In both locations, a mutual friend introduced them but it wasn't until the benefit party that they hit it off, talking about politics and social justice and all the things you should absolutely not talk about with strangers at social gatherings. They exchanged numbers and then... KC "got really busy in December" and forgot to respond to Samantha's messages. Winter passed. Samantha moved to Nolan County and started preparing for her campaign for election as Nolan County Attorney. Then, in March, she went to a birthday party at the restaurant KC was managing. KC noticed and did not miss the opportunity to compliment the "sweet denim jacket" Samantha was wearing. KC volunteered to help Samantha with her campaign and they met for coffee. They discussed life goals and campaign strategies and both began to realize that KC was never going to be Samantha's campaign manager. They ate Thai food and laughed and the rest, as they say, is history. ..... Samantha bought a house in Sweetwater and prosecuted CPS cases across Texas and then felonies in her home town. KC moved to Albuquerque and started a business. Then, moved back again. There were countless late night phone calls, weekend trips, dates in downtown Abilene, family gatherings, and church services together. As promised at that first "campaign meeting", KC catered Samantha's campaign kickoff event in November 2019 and continues to cater any event Samantha hosts. Samantha wore her denim jacket. They've won an election, fallen more in love in the midst of a global pandemic and inclement weather, and adopted the best shelter pup. Samantha said, "Of course", when KC asked, "Will you marry me already?" and both cannot wait to celebrate the next chapter of their lives surrounded by their family and friends.