Ryan & Sara


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Sara Schwalberg


Ryan Zapolski

June 8


Our Story

It all started on a Halloween night - our freshman year of college at Ithaca College. Our friends decided to go to a Halloween party. When taking the bus downtown to the party, there were no empty seats, and Sara, shorter than most, couldn’t reach the grab rails on the ceiling. Ryan, the gentleman he is, helped Sara keep her balance when the bus took big turns on Ithaca's many steep and windy hills. Ryan invited Sara to hang out and watch tv, but the TV was broken, and the sound wasn’t working, so after sitting there watching silent TV for a few minutes, we parted ways. Our friends convinced Sara to give Ryan another shot, so we hung out again with our friends, and the rest was history. The next few years after college is when things got a little crazy. Sara and Ryan both had grad school in different parts of the country. In 2020, Ryan and Sara finally got to live in the same city again when Ryan moved to Cleveland. Although they had some great times and trips throughout their years of long distance, Sara and Ryan couldn’t be happier to be in the same city. A little over half a year later, Sara and Ryan moved in with each other. Another half a year later, Sara and Ryan got their new best friend, Bailey, the world’s best Bernedoodle puppy. We instantly fell in love with her. A little over half a year later, Sara and Ryan embarked on a trip to Ithaca with several of their close friends. They hiked to one of their favorite gorges and strolled around their old campus, but the best part was the wine tour across Seneca Lake. The first stop was Lakewood, where they got to tour the grounds. On the tour's last stop, Sara and Ryan strolled down a hill to a cute Gazebo that was the last stop in the vineyard tour while their friends slowly started to stop. When they got into the Gazebo, Sara turned around to see Ryan down on one knee and, of course, said YES! They celebrated with their friends for the rest of the trip and continued to celebrate with family and friends for the next few months to come. Now they can't wait to celebrate with many of their loved ones in June 2024!

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