Rosalinda Ana & Ignasi

Travel to Ibiza from the US

First of all, we are so grateful for each of you making the trip across the pond to celebrate with us. We are so excited to have you here! For guests traveling from the US, we suggest to fly from New York (Newark or JFK) direct to Barcelona. This tends to be the best combination to find a cheap direct flight. There are several flights per day from Barcelona to Ibiza, and the flight duration is only about 40 minutes. There are also good options to fly from New York to Madrid, and there are several fligths per day from Madrid to Ibiza. If you want to travel a bit, there are direct flights to Ibiza from many cities throughout Europe. We suggest to fly to Ibiza with Ryanair or Vueling. You’ll get the best price if you book directly on their website. It is very important to book your flights to and from Ibiza ASAP. October can still feel like summer, so prices will increase. October 12th is a bank holiday in Spain, so it is likely that prices for flights around that date will increase.

Tips for traveling to ibiza

- Taxi is the best way to get from the airport to your accommodations. You can easily find them outside of the airport. Uber, Lyft, Cabify, and other taxi apps do not exist in Ibiza. - If you want to stay for a few days and explore the island, you can rent a car from any of the main companies and they usually provide a shuttle service from the airport to your car rental pickup. - There is plenty of stuff to do and explore within walking distance from the accommodations. If you want to explore the island a bit more but don’t rent a car, you can always go by taxi. Ibiza is a small island, and everything is relatively close by.