April 24, 2021
Twisp, Washington

Romiti Wedding

    Wedding Party
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Wedding Party

Ariel Smith

Maid of Honor

Ariel and I have been best friends since we were in 7th grade homeroom together. We found out our birthdays were one day after the other (August 14th and 15th), and since then we have been inseparable. From moving, to college, to new jobs, and now weddings, we always stand by each other.

Levi Moore


Levi and I have known each other since freshman year of college, and call each other our “long lost sibling”. I used to joke that I didn’t have enough people to fill my wedding party, so Levi would have to wear a dress. He wouldn’t wear a dress, but he did decide to stand with me as a brides-man.

Conner Sprigden

Best Man

Conner and Sebastian met in high school, and after months of people confusing them for one another, they finally became friends. They eventually played semi-pro football together, and consider each other to be their other brother.

Brandon Lutrell


Sebastian and Brandon met freshman year of high school and became friends. Through all of life’s changes they always kept in touch, and stayed close. Brandon even named Sebastian his sons’ godfather. Ashton (Brandon’s son) will be turning two on our wedding day!

Sandra Buckingham

Flower Girl

Sebastian’s grandma

Cheryl Chesnut

Flower Girl

Bailey’s grandma

Tucker Romiti

Ring Bearer

The fuzzy, four-legged member of the new Romiti family.