Paige & Joseph

Wedding Party

Meet Paige and Joe's favorite family and friends who will be walking down the aisle with them!

Lily Schneider

Maid of Honor

Lily is one of Paige's younger sisters. From sharing a room when they were younger to being able to play sports on the same teams together to now calling each other randomly to catch up. They have grown closer over the years. Lily is the most caring yet firey sister. She has helped Paige with a lot of the wedding decisions.

Matthew Robinson

Best Man

Matthew is Joe's younger brother. They are only 14 months apart so they grew up doing everything together. From Joe stealing Matthew's bottles to having "land parties". They enjoy playing video games and spending quality time together.

Caroline Newton


Caroline was Paige's college roommate for 3 years. They quickly became inseparable. They held each other accountable throughout college and continue to have monthly FaceTime calls to catch up with their crazy lives. Caroline got married a few years ago and has been there for Paige throughout the whole wedding planning process to answer any questions.

Adam Roldan


Adam and Joe have been friends since high school. They have spend tons of time riding dirt bikes together and racing against each other. They continually hang out and work on projects together in the shop. They are always there for one another.

Payton Schneider


Payton is Paige's youngest sister. Payton is the quietest of the bunch. Payton used to give Joe and Paige “fix it tickets”. Payton is Paige's little sidekick - they enjoy playing games together, doing puzzles, and baking. Payton is very crafty and enjoys helping Paige be creative.

Joe Worthington


Double the Joe = Double the trouble. They have been friends for life.

Lexi Eggers


Lexi and Paige have been besties since 4th grade. From school shenanigans to being crowned Stiftungsfest ambassadors these two are the perfect blonde and brunette duo. They even got to plan their weddings together!

Tyson Tellers


Tyson is Paige's older brother. Joe and Tyson have been roommates for over 3 years. Tyson has been that naturally over protective brother that all the sisters both admire and hate. He enjoys getting reactions out of the sisters and was very disappointed when Paige was no longer ticklish. The three of them enjoy late nights in the shop and the rare family dinners. Joe and Tyson enjoy playing video games together and going to watch the newest Marvel and Avatar movies.

Rylee Schneider


Rylee is one of Paige's younger sisters. Rylee certainly has her attitude moments, but really helped Paige and Joe out with Koda in the beginning when they couldn't get off work. Rylee and Paige enjoy shopping together.

Matt Strom


Matt and Joe met while hunting in South Dakota. Joe goes to Matt's every year to pheasant hunt, drink, shoot guns, and blow sh*t up.

Tanya Wagner


Tanya and Paige met at a mutual friends wedding. Tanya tried to get Paige to dance and we all know how well that went... Tanya and Paige hit it off right away. They enjoy going on new adventures and working out together.

Adam Olson


Adam and Joe have been friends since high school. Joe used to sober cab Adam every weekend and now they get drunk together. They have a brotherly bond that is inseparable. They enjoy hanging out in a shop drinking beer and shooting the sh*t.

Kayla O'Connor

Honor Attendant

Kayla and Paige meet while in college. Kayla is Caroline's cousin and came to visit us. They have continued to Snapchat each other after Caroline's wedding. They love getting together for girls weekends!

Devin Fasching


Devin and Joe meet through Rylee in Brainerd. They hit it off as best buds. Devin continues to help Joe out in the shop and with oddball stuff around the house. Joe looks at Devin like a son and enjoys hanging out in the shop and going on adventures together. Devin went out to SD to hunt with Joe and Matt this year.

Rachana Wright

Honor Attendant

Rachana and Paige were in the same Dignitas class freshman year of college. Rachana was Paige's first friend she made in college. They went on different adventures throughout the two years before Rachana transferred to NDSU. They have stayed in touch throughout the years and love getting together for girls weekends.