Paige & Joseph

We're getting married!








June 23, 2023

Henderson, MN
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Our Story

Joe and I had a bunch of mutual friends. He attended Waconia High School and I went to Norwood. We met online by swiping right back in November 2018. We talked for about a month before Joe drove up to Duluth to officially meet me. Our first date was Buffalo Wild Wings and Joe was too nervous to even eat and we all know how much I enjoy my food. Joe asked me if I wanted him to stay another night and I, indecisive as usual, said sure. Apparently that was not one of the answers Joe was looking to hear. He needed a yes or no. Well, the next day we went to the mall and did some last minute Christmas shopping and attended Bentleyville. Joe did not know he needed to ask me out, so he waited until January 11th right before I was leaving to go back to school. He has stolen my heart one Kit Kat at a time ever since. We have enjoyed going on adventures, supporting each others hobbies, and trying new things. We did long distance for the first 2.5 years of our relationship which came with challenges, both good and bad but in the end it brought us closer. We have now been dating for 4+ years and are excited to officially start our lives together. Joe and I bought a house in June and added some furry additions to our family, Koda (Golden retriever) and Cloey (our shop cat). Joe proposed to me on July 1st, 2022 at Brainerd International Raceway while starting to play a game of Bean Bags. Our racing family and friends started gathering around and before I knew it Joe was on his knee.