Rachel & Chris

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Chris McClintock


Rachel Rosenfeld

November 4, 2023

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How We Met

It was love at first... no... fifth? Nineteenth sight?! At some point, you stop keeping count of how many times you've seen a person.

As all good relationships begin, Chris and Rachel had their first conversation in 2015 at the beautiful Dunkin Donuts just off of the campus of the College of William & Mary. He was smitten with her ability to show up 15 minutes late and desire to leave 10 minutes early, keeping their first true moments together to a tight 20 minutes -- peak efficiency. This first encounter left them both wanting more, and what started as casual coffee in between study sessions turned into ghost tours, scenic walks around campus, and late nights talking through the meaning of life, or something to that effect. Curiously, Chris and Rachel staunchly asserted, for what must have seemed like decades to their closest friends, that there were no romantic sparks to be seen. They were just good friends.

Love is in the Air!

"Finally." ~ Everyone

After several months of lingering glances and late nights, Chris and Rach finally took the next big step in their friendship: dating. Their friends rejoiced to the tune of "I told you so" and "I'm almost certain I saw y'all kiss each other on the forehead, which most say is a telltale sign of a budding relationship," and the rest they say is history. Since graduation, Chris and Rach have enjoyed beautiful trips together, from driving around the entire country of Iceland, to driving along the pacific coast highway in southern California, to swimming in the volcanic lakes of Guatemala, to finally moving in together in Washington, D.C.. Life is always filled with twists, turns, and curiosities; the one thing Chris and Rach know for certain is they want to experience all of those exciting and surprising things together.