Ian & Victoria



Ian Price


Victoria Aiese

July 5, 2024

Newtown Square, PA
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Our Story

Although Victoria is an avid supporter of all things Delaware (UD, no sales tax, the Newark Farmer's Market...) it's probably not surprising that she quickly ran out of things to keep her busy after working hours, post-grad. After a brief stint with an all male basketball team in Wilmington, a friend from UD suggested they give co-ed kickball a try. Ian, living with former Penn State buddies, was having a similar predicament, just over the PA border in Swarthmore. The friend group decided kickball was the answer to their suburban lethargy. As luck should have it, Victoria was placed as a "free agent" on Ian's team, Buffalo Kickin' Dip, and from 2019 on, the two found themselves WAY more interested in kicking balls than they'd ever expected. They played throughout the summer and fall seasons and kept in touch during the winter hiatus. When the pandemic hit in 2020, it seemed all forms of entertainment ceased. ESPN--cancelled. Flights--cancelled. The freaking Olympics--cancelled. But the Heyday Athletic spring kickball season? Right on schedule. Lucky for Ian and Victoria, this is where their relationship blossomed and they have been inseparable, and playing kickball, ever since.

The Proposal

Neither Ian or Victoria are a big fan of being the center of attention, so a backyard proposal was absolutely perfect. Victoria had just started a new job and was up in New York meeting the team for the day. After two delayed trains home, she finally reached the Philly station where Ian picked her up. She'd been sleeping on the train and was determined to go right to bed when they got home. Ian, fidgeting, blasted the radio. When they got back to their home in Swarthmore, Victoria marched right to her room and changed into pajamas. Coincidentally, she chose a set that was all white. As she was changing, she noticed lights in the backyard and went out to investigate. There stood Ian, with bouquets of roses, candles, and every single kickball jersey they'd ever acquired, cut up into the words "Marry Me?" It was a private and personal celebration that neither Ian or Victoria will ever forget.

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