March 17, 2022
Escondido, California

Danielle & Jordan









March 17, 2022

Escondido, California

Where it all started

Purdue University

Back in the "good ol' days" when there was T9 texting, people having conversations with each other, 5am wake-ups in costume for kegs and eggs, no "smart phones" or care in the world. Suzuki motorcycles, charity auctions, cactus Thursday's, vine street raids, and fowler pong tournaments.

Fall 2007

the meet

Danielle and her roommate, Kim, get invited to go for a motorcycle ride with Jordan and Nick. Nick and Kim work together as tour guides and decided this would be a lovely idea (who doesn't love an adrenaline rush). The girls support the guys at a charity auction put on by the ROTC where they will auction off some gentlemen (a dream come true). Danielle has mixed feelings about "purchasing" a man at a charity auction buuuut how could she resist. She gets in a bidding war with a very unlucky lady and wins! Jordan and Danielle date for a couple months.


life inbetween

Jordan and Danielle go their separate ways (for reasons unknown) and live life all over the place for the next eight years with an occasional "what's up" text message here and there.

October 2016

the reconnect

Jordan (living in Honolulu) reaches out to Danielle (living in Chicago) via snapchat message in October 2016 with location and date information on his upcoming Marine Ball. Danielle, not believing it's real, gets convinced by her Purdue ladies that it's a good idea to accept. She books a flight and a month later flies to Hawaii. Sparks fly and they keep in touch, meeting up here and there over the next few months. Danielle also moves back to her home town in Massachusetts that December.

March 2017

the first move

Jordan moves to California and asks Danielle to come, too. Danielle thinks on it and, after a summer in New England, decides to go for it.

September 2017

the second move

Jordan flies to Boston and drives with Danielle and Barley in her 2008 Honda Civic, filled with only what would fit, across the country 3,000+ miles, to Vista, California.

July 2019

The proposal

Jordan proposes on the beach in Leucadia, California complete with an unplanned professional photographer, hula dancer and killer sunset.

March 2020


Coronavirus hits and the world shuts down the day after Danielle's bachelorette party in Chicago. Wedding gets moved to November 2020.

June 2020

We wed

The coronavirus thing stuck around for longer than we expected and with military restrictions, we tried to get "courthouse" married a couple of times. Finally on June 6th, 2020, we got officially married at St Thomas More Catholic Church with our friends Kim and Colin by our side, masks on and all.

September 2020

Postponed Again

We made the tough decision to postpone our wedding yet again. See you in March 2022!

February 2021

A Baby Announcement

If we're going to wait until 2022 for our wedding celebration, might as well bring a +1. Baby Pierce due September 2021!

For all the days along the way
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