Tracy & Chris

    Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Meet our family and friends who helped us make this day possible!

May Hong

Mother of the Bride

May is a ray of sunshine no matter where she goes. Whether it is her job as an activity coordinator for the elderly or caring for her family and friends, she always puts 110% of her energy into everything she does. She loves getting to know everyone, loves taking photos, and has the best recipes for dumplings and chow mein. In her spare time, you'll find her at her favorite shopping malls, where she can spend the entire day!

Mijung Kim

Mother of the Groom

After 15 years of living in different cities, she finally moved back to sunny California! Mi Jung is passionate when it comes to learning about one’s culture and history. She likes to spend her free time knitting and reading a good book. She is also an enthusiast for good food, coffee, and fine wine. When it comes to cooking, she makes all of Tracy’s favorite Korean side dishes!

Kevin Chen

Father of the Bride

Anyone who knows Tracy's dad knows he has the most youthful spirit, always full of energy. He is well-traveled and has been to countless countries in his early career. He is the amazing chef of the family and can make the most delicious hand-pulled noodles from scratch! He's a fitness enthusiast and pretty much never goes a day without hitting 10,000 steps. He also loves outdoor adventures and is always looking for his next travel destination.

Cheonseok Park

Father of the Groom

Chris’ dad wears many different hats: a professor, a scientist, a traveler, a photographer, a cycler, but most importantly a husband and a father. Although he is in Korea majority of the time, he never misses a chance to come back to the U.S. He is always in pursuit of creating great memories and is ready to create one in February!

Bella Chu

Matron of Honor

Bella and Tracy have known each other since 5th grade. Even though they have pretty different personalities, the two became the best of friends. Bella always carries a fun energy that lights up the room wherever she goes. As kids, they shared so many good memories playing Maple Story, eating at their favorite restaurant Ajisen Ramen, and obsessing over Korean dramas. Despite living in different cities in the past 10 years, Bella has always been there for Tracy through all the ups and downs.

Keshov Sharma

Best Man

To Chris, Keshov was that guy who was just there. He first saw him in Geometry class, talking about how to get free pop-tarts with his teacher. He thought that would be the end of their relationship as he did not share much interest with Chris. However, Chris started seeing Keshov everywhere in high school - in the hallway, in the yearbook superlatives, in the few clubs that Chris joined, or at a friend's 16th birthday as the only guy. Now, he has become that guy who is always there for Chris, especially for his most important moments!

Yunichel Joo


Yuni and Tracy met in their first class in college. The two bonded over failing their first exam ever but studied hard together to both pull through with an A! They became roommates for 4 years through college supporting each other through good and bad life choices such as choosing 8 AM classes. They kept in touch when Yuni went off to medical school in Philly and now she has just moved back to California and Tracy couldn’t be more excited!

Jessica Lin


Jessica was one of Tracy's first friends in college because they were assigned to the same group during orientation week. They hit it off right away and knew they could count on each other. They tried to make the best of their college life by "working hard, playing harder". They shared many fun times as sisters of Tri Delta Sorority and also pulled countless all-nighters together in Geisel Library. She now lives in New York practicing to become the best pediatric dentist ever!

Quynh Nguyen


Tracy and Quynh met each other in Chemistry class but the two became closer after they shared an incredible summer study-abroad trip at Yonsei University in Korea. They both are big foodies and have a healthy obsession with skin care products. Quynh is one of the most down-to-earth friends anyone could ever ask for. She is also the first of their friend group to explore a career as a pharmacist and has inspired Tracy in many ways.

Forrest Delavega


From suitemates to roommates, Chris and Forrest first met in college. During college, they learned things from each other, where Chris brought cup noodles to Forrest’s life and Forrest brought League of Legends to Chris’. Forrest was always there for some of Chris’ best college memories. Although S.F. tried to pull him away from Southern California, he managed to come back to Orange county to be close to his beloved L.A. Angels.

Catherine Choi


Catherine was one of the first people Chris met when he went to Amherst Regional Middle School. Though they didn't become friends immediately, Catherine and Chris had a lot in common: they both wore dorky glasses, preferred the emergency exit in a plane, and both somehow got a Ph.D. in neuroscience. She is also into board games and has (unfortunately) introduced Chris to his favorite board game, Wingspan...

Fiona Servaes


Chris and Fiona both lived on Aubinwood Road during high school. As neighbors, they often saw each other on the bus, went on walks during the summer, and went to Target to buy absolutely nothing. During college, the two will always try to meet up and continue their fun, whether that is going to Boston to see Catherine, going to Boston to celebrate a birthday, or going to Boston to get out of Amherst. These days, Fiona is living the European life between two countries: France and Belgium!

Andy Joe


Tracy and Chris first met Andy through Catherine (Yes! They are engaged!), where he introduced them to the world of Midwestern food a.k.a Cracker Barrel. It made an everlasting impact on Tracy and Chris (Chris learned that Chicken n' Dumplins are not the same as chicken dumplings). Andy is now on the West Coast to indoctrinate college students into the world of Physics!


Dog of Honor

WOOF! Sunny, the mini American Eskimo, is the absolute joy of Tracy and Chris' life. He is 3.5 years old and has a BIG personality if you get to know him. He enjoys pets, but only on his terms. He is a picker eater when it comes to his meals but goes wild for treats. He is a smart cookie and can do many tricks if he's up to it.