Tracy & Chris


Tracy Chen


Chris Park

February 25, 2024

San Diego, CA

Their Love Story

She was a California girl from Los Angeles, and he was an East Coast guy determined to leave the cold.

Tracy and Chris met in sunny San Diego, where they both attended college. It would have been hard to get to know someone in a class of 200+ people, but luckily Tracy and Chris were both the type to attend Office Hours for their Organic Chemistry class! That was where Chris first met Tracy. Initially, he thought she was focused and studious, but also a little intense. Later, he fell in love with her kind and cheery personality as they spent more time together outside of class, eating popcorn chicken from Tapioca Express and bombarding each other with Facebook messages past 2 AM. Chris first caught Tracy's attention when he said he was a Celtics fan (too!), which was not surprising since he was actually from Massachusetts, but it was rare to meet a fellow Celtics fan in SoCal! She thought he was just a goofy guy who loved cracking jokes. As they became closer, she found him to be a sweet and caring person who not only made her laugh but also became the one who encouraged and supported her in everything she did. Life had many opportunities to send them on separate paths- going to different places after college, applying to different graduate schools, and finding the beginning of their careers at different timings- but each time, they found their way back to each other. Chris proposed to Tracy on the beach of Cardiff-by-the-Sea in the summer of 2020. They will be celebrating their 10th anniversary this May!

For all the days along the way
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