Amelia & Sean

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Wedding Party

We kept our wedding party small and instead opted to invite many of our friends and family to the wedding and had large bachelorette/bachelor parties that brought together friends from childhood to the present! Be sure to check out pictures us with our friends and family at the Reception!

Erica Warren

Matron of Honor

Erica is Amelia's younger sister. She helps keep Amelia humble and enjoys discussing current events with Sean.

Zye Hooks

Best Man

Zye and Sean met at Vanderbilt back in 2008, were roommates in 2010-2011, and have remained close friends ever since. Both Sean and Zye joined Teach for America after undergrad, became lawyers, and reunited in NYC. Among Zye's many attributes, he's able to match wits with both Amelia and Sean, seamlessly discussing both Alabama football (Amelia) and recent German parliamentary elections (Sean) in a single brunch.