Amelia & Sean


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Amelia Vogler


Sean Topping

New York


September 23


How We Met

When 2020 gives you lemons, you make lemonade in 2022!

2020...what a year to be in New York. After ringing in the new year cautiously optimistic about things to come and even getting a snowbird escape to Mexico and Belize, Amelia was ready to try her hand at dating in the city again in the spring, as is natural for all single New Yorkers after a cold winter inside. But then Covid entered the picture and things were bleak: Millions of people were sick and dying (including loved ones), economic struggles and uncertainty, civil unrest. It was a long spring before things started to look like they were opening back up outside, so Amelia fired up Hinge to see what was good. And she's glad she did because she had a nice message from Sean in her inbox. Sean messaged Amelia asking about her travels and the two traded fun travel stories before Amelia suggested they discuss more in-person since outdoor dining was going to be available soon. On the last Sunday in June 2020, two masked-up people elbow-bumped a greeting by Jane's Carousel in DUMBO and went off in search of an open bar for what would be both of their last first dates. What started as a modern day version of dating during Jane Austen's time (lots of texts & FaceTimes as "letter writing," outdoor strolls on the promenade and picnics at a distance, etc.) turned into an inter-borough relationship (Sean lived in Queens, Amelia lived in Brooklyn). Amelia got to know and love Leo the Dog (after he bit her on the leg) and Sean got to know and love Amelia's roommates and friends (who did not bite). Throughout domestic travels in 2021 to meet friends & family, Sean and Amelia enjoyed a "return to normalcy" like seeing live music, going to sporting events, and even indoor dining (though indoor dining for Sean's February birthday had to wait until 2022). Sean and Amelia (and Leo, of course) moved in together in August 2021 after a whirlwind search for an apartment that ended up being midway between their previous apartments. And beyond celebrating two years of dating in June 2022, the rest of the summer was all leading up to a big trip to Europe where Sean proposed to Amelia in Santorini (Amelia literally had no idea, like at all). After all of the lemons in 2020, the lemonade is flowing. Sean and Amelia are both so excited to welcome everyone to their wedding and are so thrilled that everyone has been along for the ride. No Topping us now!