Noheli & Octaviano

encontramos nuestra media naranja

Curved Lines

Noheli Serrano


Octaviano Fuerte

October 14, 2023

Sacramento, CA
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How We Met

from childhood crush to "I Do"

Both of our moms were very involved in catecismo (aka faith formation) at our local catholic church. We spent every Saturday there from elementary to middle school and when we got bored, which was often, we'd make our fun exploring every square inch of the church. Unfortunately, getting into fun sometimes meant getting in trouble, we truly were partners in crime (sorry about that mom!). After we both completed our confirmation, Noheli's mom stopped volunteering at church and Octaviano went to another high school. We fell out of touch throughout high school and pretty much forgot about each other. Until the magic of social media brought us back. One DM on Instagram wishing a happy birthday led to reconnecting, now five years and a dog and cat later, we're still partners in crime.

How He Proposed


Noheli never saw it coming... Actually, nobody saw it coming! Whenever we talked about our engagement I would always answer with "Maybe in a year or two", she fully expected a proposal in late 2022. However, the truth is I had started ring searching in August 2021 and by October I had the most perfect ring in possession. Since then I had been waiting for the perfect moment to propose: