Nithya & Jordan


Nithya Gandham


Jordan Jorge

August 26, 2023

Cedar Grove, NJ
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How we met

Jordan and I met 7 years ago when first started our medical school journey. We were introduced by a friend & my roommate at the time (shout out Mitalee). I didn't think anything of it at first, I just thought he was cute. After an exam Mitalee invited me to a rooftop bar in Miami with her friends. When we got there, Jordan bought me a glass of red wine and we sat there by the bar talking for what felt like hours. On the way home, he put his phone number in my phone and told me to text him. We quickly started dating, he cooked me dinner, studied with me, and brought me to the beach to talk by the moon. He is very romantic. We fell in love during our first semester attending medical school at Ross University in Dominica. We were quickly inseparable studying long hours in the library and roaming around the island together. After we left the island and came back to the states we started our journey of long-distance (Jordan is from California and I am from New Jersey). Through the highs and lows that came with medical school, we stood by each other and never wavered. Finally, after all this time we matched into our dream residency programs in Michigan. We are so excited to start this new chapter of our lives together and are so thankful to all the people who supported us through this journey.