Stanley & Ningzhou

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Ningzhou Shen


Stanley Gill Jr


Martha's Vineyard


September 9

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The Engagement


On a cold Boston night on Thanksgiving weekend 2020, Stan & Ningzhou were inside their apartment just hanging out. With a gesture that is completely on brand for them, Stan suggested that they play a game to pass the time that evening. The game that Stan chose was Fog of Love, a relationship role-playing game for 2 people that they had played several times before. Little did Ningzhou know that Stan had a special reason to pick this game out of the stack to play that night! The thing to know about Fog of Love is that you proceed through a variety of situations via questions that you answer in character of a person with the qualities you draft at the beginning of the game. They played through the game as normal, with the exception of one card that Stan had previously removed from the deck. This card was aptly titled "Pop the Question". At the end of the game, Stan retrieved the hidden card and presented it to Ningzhou on one knee with the ring. Thankfully, she said yes!

Signing the Papers


Eager to cement our commitment to each other and begin to enjoy the legal benefits of marriage, we executed our marriage license paperwork on a sunny spring saturday in our brand new condo! Two weeks earlier, Stan's family came to visit for a small roofdeck ceremony (also officiated by the officiant for this event - Sam Moy) - as a commemoration of the blending of our two houses.