Lauren & William


Lauren Nguyen


William Haskins


July 31, 2023

Wilmington, North Carolina
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The Proposal

Day trip to Myrtle Beach

Before the 2022 fall semester of PT school started, Will and I planned a day trip to Myrtle Beach. We hadn't had the chance to go to the beach all Summer, so we were really looking forward to it. Little did I know that Will had much more planned. The closer we got to the beach trip, the more I wondered if something else was going to happen. We started the day by going to lunch at a beach front seafood restaurant, then we spent the afternoon at the beach playing in the waves and getting some sun. Will said he had dinner reservations for 6:00pm, so we had to start washing off and getting ready at 4:30pm. While washing our feet off, I ended up seeing Elisa (my sister-in-law), which confirmed my suspicions. I asked Will if he saw Elisa and he said "no" because he took his time before looking for her. I quickly dropped it and moved on. At this point, I was expecting a proposal after dinner. After getting cleaned up and getting dressed for dinner, Will took me on a walk and asked if we could walk on the sand pathway. Will then faced me, grabbed both of my hands, and asked me to marry him. I said "yes, of course" and gave him a huge hug. Elisa then came out from behind some bushes, gave us a hug, and took some engagement photos for us. I asked her if Nathan was around, and then asked Will who was there. He excitedly told me that his parents, my parents, Nathan, Elisa, Jordan, and Mitchell were all at the hotel waiting for us. I had always hoped that Will and I would be able to share this day with family, but wasn't sure if this would be able to happen since a lot of them were in different states at the time. Will and I went to the hotel to meet up with our friends and family and had a modernized Vietnamese Dam Hoi (engagement celebration) and then went out to dinner with our families. Will went above and beyond anything I had expected when he proposed, and we are so happy to get married July 31st, 2023!