Madison & Nathaniel





September 7, 2023

Fallbrook, CA
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Our story

High school sweethearts...

Our story is one we will always remember, something we know for sure is that God constantly brought us together. For starters, this story is from my (Madison) point of view. It all started in 2013, we both attended the same youth group but I did not attend the group nearly as much as Nathaniel. One night my friend invited me to go to a cosmic bowling night with the youth group, I remember looking over at Nathaniel and asking my friend who he is, and I instantly had a crush on him. Nothing came of an innocent crush, the night went on and soon ended. Flash forward to 2016, and that same friend that brought me to the cosmic bowling night asked me to go to the beach with her and a few friends, of course, I decided to go. That night at the beach, Nathaniel and I met officially, our group of friends went to dinner and hung around the area. According to Nathaniel, that first night he met me, he had a crush but again, the night went on and soon ended and nothing came of his innocent crush. We both parted ways, went to different schools, and had different friends, but 7 months later we got brought back together AGAIN. We had been brought together at a birthday party, and that is the night we hit it off, with a consistent conversation we got to know each other. From that night on, we continued to talk every single day, started to spend more time with each other, and eventually started dating. Throughout our high school relationship, we loved to travel, camp, spend time with friends, and spend time with family. Once we hit our 5-year mark of being a couple, Nathaniel proposed! Of course, I said yes, that is why you're here reading our story. Nathaniel and I are best friends, we have been through our highs and our lows but through it all, we have loved each other unconditionally. From my innocent crush at 13 to his innocent crush at 16, we finally came together and grew up with each other throughout the years and we can't wait to continue to grow and spend our lives together forever!