Lauren & Seth

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Lauren Mutchler


May 20, 2023

Port lavaca, TX
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Our Story So Far...

High School Sweethearts DO Exist!

We first met in eighth grade, but were too scared to talk to each other (as kids usually are, LOL). Once we got to high school, we started texting, then dating! Of course, our first date was at El Patio (Mexican food lives in our hearts). That became our weekly dinner date, and we were inseparable! Seth used to say that we'd be married at 23, and I think we both knew he wasn't joking. We enjoyed so many boat rides, fishing trips, and floundering trips before going to college. During college, when we lived in College Station, Chuy's became our new weekly date! Our connection continued to grow on the deepest levels, and after 6 years of dating, Seth took me snow boarding in Angel Fire, New Mexico, and proposed on February, 12th, 2022! I could fill books with the memories we cherish, but I hope this story shows you how we came to be!