Lauren & Matthew

Wedding Party

Morgan Zazula

Maid of Honor

Little sister of the bride. Morgan has been excited to fulfill this role as the Bride's sister. Can't wait to have her there on this special day!

Shayla Henry


Best friend of the Bride. Going on 20 years of friendship, cheers to many more!

Haley Wallace


Bride's little sister, not by blood, but by heart. Has been family friends with the bride since she was 3 years old.

Becca Babyak


Bride's future sister in law. The bride is so happy to have her by her side on her special day. The Babyaks are beginning to even the women to men ratio (Matt is 1 of 3 sons).

Connor Sullivan


Matthew’s childhood best friend. Thankful to have him there on his big day!

Angel Gonzalez-Valero


Also Matt’s childhood best friend. Thank you for your support to fly out to Texas on Matt’s big day!

Daniel Babyak


Matt’s younger brother. Matt is happy to share his special day with you and Nick as his brother and good friend.

Nicholas Babyak


Matt’s older brother. Thank you for being here on Matt’s special day. Matt is thankful to have you and Dan here with him as his brother and close friend.