Missy & Keale



Melissa Nikolai



Matthew Keale



October 22, 2023

Kailua Kona, Big Island, Hawaii

How We Met

Meet Cute on 07.15.22, In Person on 08.17.22

First off, some fun facts about us!! We are both each other's first official real-real, we aren't dreaming, let this please be it-RELATIONSHIP. We are both bilingual. Together, we share English, Portuguese, Tagalog, Bisaya and giberish. Born and raised on islands of the Pacific Ocean, we are warm cultured tight huggers that consider food our love language. All that to say, we actually met online, believe it or not! Thank you, Hinge. It was a Maui-Kona call and text marathon that could put bandwidth to the test. After a month of covering every possible conversation, we met in Kona and spent the next five days looking like a Hallmark movie. We agreed to making the long distance relationship work, perhaps taking turns to see each other once a month. That clearly didn't hold for very long. In September, Keale moved to Kona and that was the beginning and end of everything. A year and two months later, we are both delighted to share this Hawaii wedding with you all!

The Proposal


In the embrace of a Hawaiian evening, Keale's heart raced on April 5th, 2023. The sun set as he nervously planned to propose to Missy, a woman who held his heart. He'd carefully hidden the engagement ring, walked a considerable distance to surprise, and finally found themselves on a trampoline under the open sky. Sitting side by side, they chatted and laughed, the weight of the moment growing as Keale posed questions about their future. Guiding Missy to lie down on the trampoline, he finally revealed his certainty amidst a hint of nervousness. "Will you marry me?" he asked, echoing their past conversations. Missy's eyes widened, her heart racing, but she smiled radiantly and said, "Yes!" Their lives converged against the backdrop of the Hawaiian sunset, a unique and magical moment etched in their memories. Embarking on a shared journey towards forever, life would be forever changed for the beauty of a forever happy ending.