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Micqualle Thomas-Mottley


Aundray McAnuff

August 18, 2023

Once upon a time

There once was a young man named Aundray, who stumbled upon the instagram of a young lady named Micqualle, and he decided to send her a msg. From there, they always stayed connected, and in March they decided to finally meet. It was a winter evening, and Aundray drove all the way from the East end to meet up with Micqualle at a local coffee pub in the West end. They immediately felt a connection, and as time passed their friendship continued to blossom. By the end of that summer, they were so immersed with one another that they decided to become official. For their first Valentines Day, Aundray surprised Micqualle with a romantic dinner at the Butterfly Conservatory in Cambridge, where they returned 4 years later for their engagement photoshoot. Soon after that Valentines, Micqualle and Aundray went on their first vacation to the Dominican Republic, where they had such an amazing time, that they decided to plan another trip to Mexico before the year ended. On November 18, 2021, Micqualle was graduating for her Masters, and due to COVID the ceremony was held online. For this special occasion, they had planned to celebrate at home with Micqualles’ family; however, plans were cancelled when Aundray told Micqualle he had made dinner reservations for them instead. Micqualle was not happy that she had to cancel her graduation celebration with her family, and spent the entire drive professing her dismay to Aundray. When they arrived at the restaurant, a waiter lead them to their table, and as they entered a private room, everyone inside shouted SURPRISE!! Seated at a large dining table was Micqualles’ grandparents, her mother and step father, her father, 2 sisters and their husbands, her nieces and nephews, as well as Aundrays sister, brother-in-law, niece, and mother. The entire room was filled with smiles and love. Aundray had secretly planned a surprise graduation dinner for Micqualle, and had brought several iPads for everyone to join in watching her graduation ceremony. The evening was magical, and beyond what anyone could have imagined. Suddenly, just as the night was coming to an end, Aundray rose for a speech. He began to thank everyone for coming to celebrate Micqualles graduation, and standing together, he began to reveal a large gift bag he had hidden behind his seat. Inside the bag was a big bouquet of red roses, and in the centre of the roses was a box. That was when Aundray got on one knee in front of everyone and proposed to Micqualle. Micqualles mouth dropped to the floor, and she turned to stare at her mother and sisters in total disbelief. Aundray had turned Micqualles’ dream graduation dinner into a fairytale proposal as she jumped into his arms and told him ‘yes!’ Now it is time for Micqualle and Aundray to tie the knot on Friday August 18, 2023, and they have invited you to join them before God on this special day as they say ‘I do’. Please take the time to enjoy their wedding webpage, and also don’t forget to RSVP! All praise to the Lord 🤍

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