Rebecca & Zachary







November 19, 2023

Fredericksburg, VA
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How We Found Each Other

We met in person, the old-fashioned way

We met at Billiken's Smokehouse in downtown Fredericksburg in May of 2021. We both were out with friends, listening to live music. I was drinking a Dirty Shirley (or two) and Zach was having a Miller Lite. It had just stopped raining and Zach had brought napkins over to a picnic table I was about to sit down at to wipe the seats dry. He didn't say much but dropped them off and went back to his friends. A few minutes later, I got the courage to "Holla" at him. He walked over and the rest was history. I saw his eyes, smile, tattoos, style and then heard that subtle little accent he has and I was sold. We set a date to go longboarding a few days later and then he asked me on an official date.

How We Got Engaged


Zach planned a date to Old House Brewery in Culpeper at the beginning of March. We walked down to the pond as soon as we got there to "look for a good fishing spot" and walked out on the pier. Zach grabbed my shoulders and said, " You know why I've brought you here". He proceeded to get down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I immediately said yes, without hesitation, and we were beyond happy! Steven and Nora (our close family) were hiding out taking photos and videos and they captured the pure joy we both felt. We all went back up to brewery and Zach had planned a engagement party with close friends and family that began to arrive. It was the most amazing experience to share the celebration with everyone!