Susannah & Matthew







November 18, 2023

Charlotte, NC
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Wedding Details

It's a city wedding!

Our brewery wedding is designed to be an intimate, casual, and fun celebration. The ceremony and reception will be held at Lenny Boy Brewing, in the city's South End neighborhood, easily accessible by Charlotte's light rail system. Stay uptown, explore the city, and celebrate our special day with us!

Our Story

Started in a snow storm

On December 12th, 2018, Charlotte had the biggest snowstorm in years and we shared our first date. After a few fun dates, and the first of many road trips together, we found ourselves deeply in love with one another. Through prosperous and challenging times, to becoming first-time homeowners and dog parents, alongside career changes and passion projects, our partnership has laid the foundation for a beautiful life.


Your presense will be plenty!

But if you feel inclined to bless us with a gift, we ask that you simply make a contribution to our honeymoon that evening.