June 18, 2022
Chesapeake, VA

Mary & Daniel

    Wedding Party
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Wedding Party

Learn a little bit about our special friends & family who are standing by our sides on our big day.

Mary Edwards


Daniel Kling


Amanda Stover

Matron of Honor

Amanda is Mary's sister and her built-in best friend. Though they are 11 years apart in age that does not stop them from enjoying life together. Amanda is Mary's right-hand girl and stands by her side with everything in life. At the wedding you can find Amanda running around after her son, the ring bearer.

Bryan Kling

Best Man

Bryan is Daniel's brother and partner in crime. Bryan and Daniel both enjoy quality-time with each other doing things they love like playing video games, trying new places to eat, and going on nature walks. At the wedding you can find Bryan enjoying a nice craft beer with his dad.

Hannah Chandler

Maid of Honor

Hannah is Mary's childhood best friend of 15 years and they are practically family. Hannah is the most loyal, caring, and selfless friend a bride could ask for in her Maid of Honor. Hannah and Mary are usually found spending "bestie" time together shopping, hanging out with friends, and planning parties. At the wedding, you can find Hannah trying to keep the Bride calm.

Chris Baiocco


Chris and Daniel have been neighbor's for most of their lives and have always enjoyed sharing hobbies with each other. At the wedding, you can find Chris with a textbook in hand studying for medical school.

Hunter Trowbridge


Hunter has been friends with Mary since the 4th grade. They have always enjoyed visiting each other when living far away and have made sure to make time for ice cream dates. At the wedding, you can find Hunter practicing for her side job as an NFL Colts Cheerleader on the dance floor.

Jack Miner


Jack is another one of Daniel's neighborhood friends, growing up they have always shared their love for photography together by doing photo shoots. At the wedding, you can find Jack enjoying a cocktail with his friends.

Taylor Palamaras


Taylor is Mary's "twin sister" in their Sorority, Alpha Xi Delta. Taylor and Mary began their friendship while at Old Dominion University and have remained close friends despite living in different states. At the wedding, you can find Taylor on the dance floor with a drink in hand.

Curtis Cassidy


Curtis is a close friends of Daniels whose friendship began with their love for cars. Though Curtis & Daniel have grown away from the "car scene" they have remained good friends. At the Wedding, you can find Curtis stressing out about the occupancy being a fire hazard.

Ashlyn Sheldon


Ashlyn was Mary's college roommate and is a very special friend. Ashlyn and Mary love binge watching TV dramas, game nights with their college best friends, and their slurpee dates at 7-11. At the wedding, you can find Ashlyn looking for an attractive 6ft tall man (she's single gentlemen ;) )

Ian Pulli


Ian and Daniel are cousins and grew up very close. Ian currently lives in Pennsylvania. Him and Daniel keep up with each other through their love of playing video games or should we say " Call of Duty". At the wedding, you can find Ian being a "Classic Little Boy" IYKYK

Taylor Dunn


Taylor and Mary have known each other since they were in elementary school. The grew up doing recreational cheerleading together. In the recent years, they have re-kindled their friendship and are now closer than ever. At the wedding you can find taylor laughing the night away!

Tyler Perry


Tyler grew up with Mary as practically the brother she never had and has been friends with Daniel for many years. If it was not for Tyler, Mary and Daniel would not have met during their lunch bell in high school. We can thank Tyler for introducing Mary and Daniel. At the wedding, you can find Tyler avoiding the dance floor.

Cathryn Stein


Cathryn is Mary's future sister-in law. Cathryn and Mary both have a love for makeup and love to go makeup shopping together. At the wedding, you can find Cathryn trying a yummy fruity drink at the bar.

Dean Stover IV


Dean is Daniel's future brother in-law and favorite person to have game night with. Daniel is very thankful to have a brother in-law that he can enjoy spending time with on the weekends. At the wedding, you can find Dean planning out his next marathon run.

Meadow Few

Flower Girl

Meadow is Mary's cousin and a ray of sunshine. She loves to play dress up and will make the prettiest flower girl. At the wedding, you can find Meadow playing with Dean and in the sweetest dress.

Dean Stover V

Ring Bearer

Dean V or also known as "Mr. Dean" Is the nephew of Mary & Daniel. Dean loves scootering around outside with his Uncle Danny and loves reading books with his "Sissy". At the wedding, you can find Dean playing with his cousin, Meadow.

Tracy Edwards

Mother of the Bride

Tracy is Mary's mother, and one of her biggest support systems. Without Tracy, Mary would not be the woman she is today. At the wedding, you can find Tracy dancing with friends and family on the dance floor.

Glenn Edwards

Father of the Bride

Glenn is Mary's father and her biggest cheerleader. Glenn is always encouraging both Mary and Daniel to reach more goals, do more things and enjoy life together. At the wedding, you can find Glenn talking to all of the guests because Glenn knows EVERYONE.

Kathleen Kling

Mother of the Groom

Kathleen is Daniel's mother and someone that he can always count on no matter what. Kathleen and Mary share their love for books and tea time and look forward to making more memories together. At the wedding, you can find Kathleen never leaving the dance floor and making everyone laugh.

William Kling

Father of the Groom

William or also known as "Bill" is Daniel's father and his greatest role model. Bill has shown Daniel exactly how to treat the love of his life. Bill and Daniel enjoy days spent together at the shooting range. At the wedding, you can find bill enjoying a nice craft brew chatting with friends and family.