January 20, 2021
Chicago, IL

Mark & Saychay

    Our Story
    Through the Years

Italian + Hmong = Kincaid + Thor


Saychay Thor


Mark Kincaid

January 20, 2021

Chicago, IL

Thank you

We are so touched and honored by the love and support you've shown us. Regardless of what you thought our special announcement might be, we're so grateful that you took time out of your busy schedule to join us on the evening of January 20th and that you stuck it out even though we started a few minutes late. For those who weren’t able to join us, we absolutely understand. With the nature of the event, we fully expected that everyone who might have wanted to join us online might not have been able to make it. We felt you there in spirit. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank each of you for making our virtual wedding something truly unforgettable.

Our Big Day


1. The primary reason Saychay and Mark chose this date is that: a. 1.20.2021 is a palindromic date and universal loop which represents the continuity and infinitude of their love b. They wanted to see if their announcement could draw a bigger audience than the presidential inauguration c. It was their 7th anniversary of officially being together 2. The couple took wedding planning seriously: a. As soon as they decided to get married b. On Mark's birthday, Nov. 1 c. Only three weeks prior, so they had to put the pedal to the metal 3. Saychay wanted the wedding announcement to be a surprise because: a. She didn't want Mark to know b. They had initially been planning to sell timeshares c. They wanted to under-promise and over-deliver 4. Mark thought planning a Zoom wedding would be easier than a traditional wedding. He discovered that it was: a. Easier than he expected b. About the same c. The most stressful and challenging project he has ever completed 5. Saychay and Mark were able to pull off their surprise wedding by: a. Hiring a wedding planner b. Streaming stock wedding footage found on YouTube c. Having a dream team of friends and family who crushed it 6. Why didn't the wedding begin on time: a. It was for dramatic effect b. Saychay is always late c. Mark failed to read the street parking sign, resulting in the city towing their vehicle during the wedding photoshoot 7. The wedding song, “The Prayer” by Andrea Bocelli & Celine Dion, was sung by: a. Professional vocalists b. Andrea and Celine - Mark and Saychay are on a first-name basis with them c. The couple's good friends, Simon and Sabrina, who committed to learning the song in Italian in no less than twelve days! - mixtape available soon 8. The one thing Saychay and Mark would have changed is that: a. The announcement was actually to sell timeshares b. Mark had a matching hat to Saychay’s c. Our friends and families could have been able to attend in person HINT: The answer to every question is "c."

How We Met

Written by Saychay

This is a modern love story like many others. Mark and Saychay were introduced to each other by a mutual friend, also known as OKCupid.com. After some lengthy email exchanges in November 2013, they finally got their busy calendars to line up. So, Mark suggested that they meet at an oyster bar in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Now, queue the rom-com music and take a moment to picture this. Two well-dressed New Yorkers, both running late, briskly walking up to each other from opposite ends of the block on a cold winter evening. As they spot each other approaching on this semi-deserted street, they slow down, and their eyes briefly meet under the golden glow of a street lamp. Saychay smiles and greets the man that she assumes is Mark outside of the bar. I just painted this picture of two worlds about to boldly collide on an unassuming Manhattan street in the dead of Winter, which is accurate. But more importantly, we were both freezing and just wanted to get inside as quickly as possible! As for what takes place next, you should ask us about this if you haven’t already heard the story because this is where our tales differ...significantly.

When We Knew

Written by Mark

Physical attraction and curiosity were instantaneous, like the strike of a match. But I started to fall for Saychay when I learned of her multi-dimensions and dark corners. I fell faster when I understood her intricacies and her curious ways. I didn't fall just for her looks, but for what the rest of the world may have overlooked. I fell for her because she believed in me more than I believed in myself. When she found the real me, I fell all the way. And then, I let her know it was safe to do the same. We "knew" when neither of us was willing to quit the other.

Mark before Saychay

Mark was born and raised in Seattle by Irish-Italian parents. He grew up being afraid of bees, sharks, snakes, clowns, ghosts, roller coasters, death by drowning, flying, nuclear holocaust, heartburn, and death in general. Amazing that he ever made it out of the house! But his fears aside, he loved to explore and was extremely curious about people, culture, and the world around him. As he grew older and ventured beyond the Pacific Northwest, from LA to NYC, he discovered his stride by interacting with artists, designers, and entrepreneurs whose worlds found their way of weaving into his. As a final touch, while losing himself in the city that never sleeps, he found someone willing to stand beside him and face those fears together.

Saychay before Mark

During the aftermath of the Vietnam War, Saychay was born in a refugee camp in Thailand while her family waited to emigrate to the United States. Although her family first settled in South Carolina, she ultimately grew up in the Midwest calling Wisconsin her home until she moved to the Twin Cities of Minnesota in 2003. Her lovely daughter, Olympia, was born in 1998. Saychay and her ex-husband divorced shortly after Olympia was born. Being a single mother kept Saychay grounded and focused. Olympia and Saychay are two peas in a pod. They share a love for goofball antics, travel, and good food - celebrating their birthdays with sushi dinners each year. Saychay went on to fulfill her childhood dream of living in New York City by moving there in 2012, where she met Mark. Since then, Mark and Saychay have moved to San Francisco and traveled the world together, only recently settling in Chicago.

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