Margeaux & Sean


Sean Mooney


Margeaux Philpot


October 7, 2023

Fort Myers, FL
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How We Met

First Comes School, Then Comes Marriage

Margeaux and Sean met in their 7th grade geography class at the young age of 12. Sean was the new kid and Margeaux was uncharacteristically friendly that day. While introducing herself, and insulting her classmates in the process (iykyk), Margeaux and Sean didn't know it, but that was the first day of the rest of their lives. Fast forward to October 6th of 2014, after being friends for a few years, they finally started dating. Through going to two different high schools for junior and senior year, through 3 years of college, and through a pandemic, Margeaux and Sean have shown that no matter what they go through, they have each other...Always and Forever. #2014toforever